Make Sure You Have Good Soil

Do you have a land or a garden that requires landscaping? If you do, then in this article I am going to help you to understand the necessary fundamental information involved in landscaping. According to landscaping experts, landscaping is an art that involves the use of expertise and knowledge in changing the original structure of a piece of land or a garden. In the latter days, I have been receiving emails from a few of my clients asking for assistance and tips to perform landscaping operations. It is for that reason that I am writing this article to guide you all in testing the nutrients ahead of landscaping.

How to test your soil to make sure you have the nutrients needed for your landscaping

Below are a few steps that any qualified expert can tell you to follow when you are testing the soil. Ensure that you follow these steps to the latter as they will guarantee you quality results on the nature of your soil.

Firstly, in testing your soil for nutrients you are going to require the following items: a bucket, a trowel, and a plastic container. It is vital that you ensure that these items are thoroughly cleaned before you begin this experiment. The reason why cleanliness of your equipment is vital is that any item can alter the results of your tests. These results will not be a true representation of the state of your soil.

The second step is to fetch the samples. You need to dig about three to eight holes in your cultivation area. The choice of the number of holes is determined by the size of your land. If your land is small then you do not require many holes. Therefore, use the size of your land to determine the number of holes. Another crucial thing you need to observe is that the holes should not be too close to each other. I know many of you are wondering why you need to get samples from so many holes rather than just dig one hole. However, the reason why you need to get samples from many sections of your land is to get the average nature of your land. The holes should not be too deep or too shallow, make them 6-8 inches deep.

At the third stage, you need to collect the soil samples using the garden trowel. You do not have to take a lot of the soil, as all you need is a small sample for your test. Using the garden trowel, take a small amount of soil from the sides of the hole very carefully.

Fourth on my list is you need to mix all the soil collected in the clean bucket. Ensure that you have mixed the soil samples thoroughly as it will aid you to get quality results.

Last on my list is that you need to take the mixed soil from the bucket and put it out to dry. Ensure that you keep it away from any source of water. For instance, if you place the soil to dry near a tap, the water may splash on the sample making it wet whereas it is needed dry. Therefore, put it to dry far from any source of water. After it is dry, collect a smaller sample for testing using the test kit. It is crucial that you do this testing more than once to verify the results.



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